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Rare Cleveland Spiders Cabinet Cards From Jake Virtue Collection at Auction

March 20, 2018

Jake Virtue played in the major leagues well over a century ago. But the former player is in the spotlight now thanks to a rare collection of cabinet cards now for sale through SCP Auctions.     Read More »


Former Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey is battling prostate cancer.

February 02, 2013

Steve Garvey, who starred for the Dodgers playing first base from 1969 to 1982, is battling prostate cancer. The 64-year-old couched the announcement in a press release for an upcoming memorabilia auction. Garvey, Rollie Fingers, Bret Saberhagen and basketball star John Havlicek will be auctioning ...    Read More »


John Havlicek Consigns Collection to SCP Auctions for April Sale

January 28, 2013

Sports Collectors Daily has learned that Basketball Hall of Famer John Havlicek has consigned memorabilia from his long college and pro career to SCP Auctions which plans to sell the items in its April catalog auction. 1974 Sports Illustrated John HavlicekThe collection includes everything from H...    Read More »


Ozzie Smith Auction: Gold Gloves Sell For $519,203

December 02, 2012

Laguna Niguel, CA – Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith has turned his Gold Gloves into $519,203. The Hall of Fame shortstop sold his 13 consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 1980-1992 for $519,203, according to SCP Auctions and The Washington Post. Ozzie’s 2011 St. Louis Cardinals’ World Series ring so...    Read More »


Ozzie Smith auctioned off his Gold Gloves for $519,203

December 02, 2012

Ozzie Smith announced in October that he’d be auctioning off his Gold Glove awards and World Series rings to raise money for “estate and family planning” and yesterday the auctions came to an end. His two World Series rings–both of which were given to him as gifts by the Cardinals for the...    Read More »


Ozzie Smith Auctions 13 Gold Gloves

December 02, 2012

The Hall of Fame shortstop sold his 13 consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 1980-92 for $519,203, SCP Auctions said Sunday. His 2011 St. Louis Cardinals' World Series ring sold for $51,364 and his 2006 ring went for $42,448. Both were gifts from the team....    Read More »


Two pairs of Muhammad Ali gloves auctioned for $385,000 each

December 02, 2012

The first pair was used by the legendary boxer in 1964 in the fight against Sonny Liston and the second in 1971 in the fights against Joe Frazier. Both items were part of the collection the International Boxing hall of Fame, dedicated to legendary coach Angelo Dandy. ...    Read More »


Boxing – Ali’s gloves fetch £500,000 at auction

December 02, 2012

The estate of Angelo Dundee, the legendary ex-heavyweight champion's trainer, sold the gloves to an anonymous bidder along with other memorabilia following the legendary trainer's death earlier this year at the age of 90...    Read More »


Ozzie Smith turns Gold Gloves into cash at auction

December 02, 2012

Ozzie Smith is considered one of the greatest, if not the best, defensive shortstop of all time, as evidenced by his 13 consecutive Gold Glove Awards....    Read More »


Ruth’s Team Sweater Sells For $250K, Gehrig’s Game-Used Bat Sells For $75K

December 02, 2012

A Babe Ruth team sweater from around 1922 sold for $250,642, Oscar Robertson’s NBA MVP Award from 1963-64 for $177,632 and a Robertson 1960 U.S. Olympic team jersey for $121,324. Paul Hornung’s 1956 Heisman Trophy sold for $173,102. A Lou Gehrig game-used bat from 1938 or ’39 sold for $75,2...    Read More »


Muhammad Ali’s Gloves Fetch Mega-Money at Auction

December 01, 2012

Two significant pairs of Muhammad Ali fight-worn gloves - Ali’s (then Cassius Clay) gloves from his February 25, 1964 bout against Sonny Liston and his gloves from his March 8, 1971 bout against Joe Frazier (Ali-Frazier I) – each sold for $385,848 in a SCP Auctions’ November auction which conc...    Read More »


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