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The tension, the anticipation, the feeling of men girding for battle, is palpable in the left-field sections of Angel Stadium every time Albert Pujols steps to the plate with a chance to hit the 600th home run of his distinguished career. While fans throughout the stadium rise and point their smartphones toward Pujols, grown men in left field pound their fists into their baseball gloves, stake out their territory and size up the competition for a milestone baseball with six-figure earning potential.

Artsy Shot of 1876 MLB

In 1876, a group of owners and team officials gathered at a New York hotel to draft and sign the constitution that created baseball’s National League and would ultimately have ramifications far beyond the diamond. The principles the document laid out, largely the work of Chicago White Stockings owner William Hulbert, would provide the basic model for every major team sports league in the world that followed.