The Kirk Harris T206 Collection

Kirk Harris’s love of the game of baseball goes back to his first visit to the Loa Angeles Coliseum in 1958.  he is a life-ling Dodger fan and has been a season ticket holder the past 28 years.  As with most fans, Kirk collected baseball cards as a youngster.  Many years ago those converse shoeboxes, filled with childhood memories were lost to the garbage truck.

In the mid 1908’s the collecting bug bit him again.  He decided he wanted to put together a T206 set.  The players, history, artwork and difficulty all appealed to his collecting nature, but this would be no ordinary set.  With a strong background in coin collecting Kirk was determined to put together the best set in existence.  Needless to say, he succeeded.

As the popularity of baseball cards grew it became harder and harder to find the best.  Searching for quality became a very frustrating project.  Many times Kirk would pass on a card thinking he could find a better one later on, and many times that better one never came along.

Years of searching and constant upgrading built the extraordinary set we see here today.  Working closely with SCP Auctions many of the cards from the famous “Southern Find” were added.  A major piece of the puzzle came when, through SCP Auction’s efforts, he was able to obtain the famous Copeland-Gretzky/McNall set.

When put on paper the numbers are staggering.  Three hundred thirty eight PSA NM-MT 8’s, ninety nine PSA MINT 9’s and two PSA GEM MINT 10’s.  At the time of the offering over 75% of the cards in Kirk’s set were either the highest graded or tied for the highest grade.  Over 40% of all Mint PSA 9 cards and 20% of all NM-MT PSA 8’s were offered in his set.

Kirk would like to graciously thank everyone who helped him complete this one-of-a-kind collection.  He would also like to extend a special thanks to PSA.  This set is held in such hi regard, that, for the first time ever, PSA had pedigreed the entire collection.

Lastly, Kirk would like to wish everyone the best of luck in their collecting.  He hopes that these cards bring as much pleasure and enjoyment to everyone as they have to him the past several years.  Good luck to each and every one of you.

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