1976 George Steinbrenner Letter to Thurman Munson – BECKETT LOA – $5,500

1976 George Steinbrenner Letter to Thurman Munson – BECKETT LOA


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George Steinbrenner led the New York Yankees with an iron fist during his days as owner of the team. Thurman Munson was the gruff backstop who took no prisoners on the diamond. This 7.25×10.5″ letter, on Yankees stationery, pulls at the heartstrings. Dated November 15, the letter shows just how much Steinbrenner cared about his players. The body mentions the bitter end of the 1976 season, a World Series sweep at the hands of the Reds, but Steinbrenner predicts the future by saying he knows Munson would win the MVP. The owner’s keen vision of the future came to fruition as Munson would, indeed take home the award the following year.

The last paragraph appears to be the most meaningful. Steinbrenner said: “Sometimes in the haste of everyday business we don’t take time to say ‘Nice Going!’ to others, and I just remembered after talking to you the other day that I had failed to do that.” The Boss ends the letter with a “George” signature in dark blue ink. The letter originated from Diana Munson and was sold in November 2004. Accompanied by a letter of provenance from Diana Munson and a Full LOA from Beckett Authentication Services.