John McGraw Typed Letter Signed – PSA/DNA LOA – $7,500

John McGraw Typed Letter Signed


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Offered is a historic one-page letter signed “John J. McGraw,” on New York Base Ball Club letterhead, August 28, 1923. The full letter to George Benacker reads: “The following are your baseball queries and my replies: ‘In a recent game at one of the Eastern League ball parks, there was quite a discussion as to the question I am about to bring up. There was one man out, a man on first and a man on second, the batter with the count three to two, took a vicious cut at the ball and succeeded in hitting a pop fly about ten feet in the grass over short. The short stop played the ball and should have caught it. Unfortunately he dropped the ball. In the meantime the second base runner took a short lead off the bag thinking I believe that the batter was on an infield fly. He saw the short-stop drop the ball and as he was forced, made a dash for third base. The short-stop recovered the ball from the ground, the runner being run down. At the conclusion of this play the Umpire shouted ‘Batters out on an infield fly, runner’s out because he was trapped off 2nd base. Will you please answer this question as near right as possible?’”

McGraw’s response: “On an infield fly the batter is out and runners do not advance.”

The second question: “‘Would you please tell me what became of Gene Lansing, recruit pitcher for the Braves in the early session of the season, and what is he doing with that club? I happen to reside in Jiggers native town.’”

McGraw: “Understand living in Albany but in bad health.” The letter is is good condition, particularly given the age. It is accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from PSA/DNA.