Gus Malzahn’s items up for auction

The sweater vest and the turtleneck worn by Auburn coach Gus Malzahn will be sold by SCP Auctions on Dec. 6.

The auction house is estimating that the vest and shirt, which is framed with photos, including one autographed by Malzahn, could sell for $20,000 or more.

“With the one-year anniversary of the Iron Bowl approaching, we anticipate great demand for this item,” SCP Auctions spokesperson Terry Melia said.

Malzahn donated the clothes to Managers on a Mission, a non-profit that funds faith-focused mission trips for student managers to needy nations by selling college gear that is no longer being used. The group consigned it to SCP for the auction.

“This will mean a lot to us,” said Drew Boe, the founder of the group, who was an assistant equipment manager. “We sent four people to Africa with $16,000 raised last year.”