“SCP has always been able to get me high prices when I’ve sold various pieces from my collection. At other times, when I have wanted to add a specific item to my collection, David and his staff have always worked hard to locate the desired piece. Their service is excellent and with their retail store, website, and auction capability, they cover all the bases whether you are selling or acquiring.”

– Joseph Verno, Colorado

“I started collecting in 1989 and bought my first card from David Kohler and SCP Auctions. David and his staff have helped me build my collection to include many items I thought I would never own. I visit David and his staff regularly and look forward to each visit knowing I’m going to see something new and special every time. I have bought sets, commons, PSA cards, ungraded cards, autographs, and more from SCP Auctions over the years. I would highly recommend to anyone in the hobby that they contact SCP Auctions to help them build their collection.”

– Greg Rice, California

“The staff at SCP Auctions is always courteous and professional. As a set collector, I am constantly seeking specific cards to complete a certain issue. I know I can count on them to deliver in the clutch.”

– Marshall Fogel, Colorado

“Completing a 1933 Goudey collection in high-grade has been my dream for many years. I was very lucky to have discovered SCP Auctions several years ago. They are quite knowledgeable, love their work and their prices are among the most reasonable I have found in the industry. Clay Hill and the gang have taken the time to get to know my needs. They have been more concerned with my satisfaction than just making the sale. I trust them, enjoy working with them and give them my strongest recommendation.”

– David Schimel M.D., Illinois

“I want to thank your organization, Clay in particular, for the outstanding customer service with regard to the two Chamberlain wirephotos I won in auction recently. A very strange situation occured with the listings, and Clay took care of the mix-up and made sure I received the right photos. The service was prompt and accurate. These photos were very imprtant to me and I cannot thank him enough for fixing a vexing and potentially volitile problem. It is very rare in the Sports Collectible industry that a business is run like any other well-run, professional business, with the customer’s best interest as a top priority. You should be very proud of Clay as well as your policies in handling cutomer concerns. I will certainly recommend you to others.”

– Russ Mosier, California

“Please pass this on to your management. Each person I spoke to was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Lots were pulled, described in detail and all questions regarding the item were answered to my satisfaction. It was a pleasure dealing with your company. I look forward to bidding again in future auctions.”

– Ray Gibault, Connecticut

“From the time we met for breakfast at 8:30 until I dropped Dan off at the airport at 2:30 my confidence in Dan and SCP Auctions continued to grow…Dan responded intelligently to all of my questions and did not tell me what I wanted to hear but with his honest opinion as to what I can anticipate. Again, Dan did a bang-up job. I am looking forward to establishing and building a successful relationship with SCP for many years to come.”

– Ralph P., North Carolina

“SCP Auctions has acquired many high grade and rare sports cards over the years. I have always found David Kohler and his staff at SCP Auctions to be extremely professional and reputable. Rare qualities indeed, both in the memorabilia hobby and business in general. A first class operation!”

– L.C., California

“David, I was absolutely delighted with SCP’s marketing efforts for my game used baseball bats. Your hard work certainly paid off with the prices realized for my 1921-31 Babe Ruth gamer which brought $162,000 and my 1955 Ted Williams All-Star bat which brought $72,000. You exceeded my expectations and for that I am very thankful. I look forward to working with you in the future on more of my quality sports items and antiques.”

– Kevin C., Florida

“Thank you for the excellent service auctioning off my fathers childhood card collection. We got much more money than I expected from the card collection. Your service was just as described, very professional.”

– Stephen M., California

“Selling your personal memorabilia is not an easy task. Trying to find the right auction house is even harder. Entrusting my card collection to SCP Auctions is one of the best decisions I have ever made. For over three years now, I have consigned material to SCP Auctions because I have been thoroughly satisfied with their results. My expectations have been consistently surpassed and I couldn’t be happier. SCP has cornered the market on excellent customer service, which is genuinely rare these days. They sincerely look out for their client’s best interests. Whether a consignor or buyer, SCP treats you fairly and impartially with first-class service. I have personally gotten to know Clay Hill, Allen Miller, and Debbie Neville over these past three years. Their boundless knowledge is unmatched. When you confer with them, you feel like you’re conversing with a close friend. Their professionalism is unparalleled in the field because they treat your items as though they were promoting their personal collections. SCP’s catalog presentations and website accessibility is superb and unrivaled. Every auction has extremely impressed me with the presentation and write-ups devoted to my items. I feel flattered with how well SCP’s team conducts themselves. Every associate conscientiously helps consignors with every question. They walk beside you every step of the way-It’s never complicated to contact anyone. Whether it’s an extremely rare item or a complete collection, SCP will attend to you with the utmost appreciation and consideration. They constantly look out for your best interest. I wholeheartedly recommend SCP Auctions to anyone contemplating selling their collection and for anyone searching to acquire amazing objects you will never encounter again. Thanks SCP for the fabulous and fantastic assistance and performance! “

– JMS, California

“Having inherited a box a baseball cards 30 years ago I realized it was now time to sell the cards to real collectors who would appreciate them. I called Sotheby’s in New York knowing their history of past sports memorabilia auctions. No longer dealing with sports, they highly recommended SCP Auctions who had helped them in the past. They gave me Clay Hill’s name and number as the director of acquisitions. With my first call Clay answered all of my questions – big and small – and gave me the confidence that my cards would be in good hands. He walked me step through step on how to organize and send my cards and he even called to let me know they had arrived safely at his office in California. SCP does all the work in compiling a catalogue for their sales and running an on-line auction. The seller just sits back and watches the bids on his cards. Then the check arrives and the process could not have been easier! I will recommend SCP and its entire staff to anyone. They have the knowledge, the helpfulness, and the expertise to appreciate sport’s history and to run a great auction – for the buyers and the sellers. It’s been a pleasure.”

– Pat Reid – N. Carolina

“We do not normally furnish testimonials and are extremely low profile, but we regard SCP Auctions so highly that we leapt at the chance to portray our sentiments. Our relationship with SCP Auctions spans the last twelve years, and we can honestly state that the results have been only flawless and enjoyable. Although SCP’s business attributes are numerous, two which stand out most prevalently, are their unending courtesy and their ongoing commitment to a true concern for the client’s consideration on an equal level with their own interests. As business owners, we can attest that both of these qualities are all but extinct today. As both a sports memorabilia buyer and seller of major items, our experience is that their acumen is second to none in obtaining the best pieces and garnering the highest realized auction prices. SCP Auctions is a bellwether company with a superb, knowledgeable staff, and any potential client can rely on their attention to detail and integrity.”

– MS

“I considered several factors before selecting SCP Auctions to sell my Barry Bonds 756th home run baseball (All time home run record); intelligence in the market, organization and logistical skills to execute the sale and experience in the industry. After meeting David Kohler and the rest of the staff at SCP Auctions I knew they were the right auction house for me. The auction went off without a hitch, my baseball sold for a record price of $752,467 and I couldn’t be happier. Whether buying or selling, I whole-heartedly recommend SCP Auctions for all your sports memorabilia needs.”

– Matt Murphy

“Dave, It is quite unlikely that you would remember me but I have been doing business with you and your company since the days when you had your store on Beach Boulevard. The reason I have always done business with your company is because of your expertise, unsurpassed inventory, friendliness and professionalism. With these great qualities noted I must acknowledge your greatest quality, and that is your integrity. I have 100% confidence in your company. I summary many thanks and know you have a great advocate and long time fan of SCP. P.S. You have some great associates in Calvin and Clay.”

– Chuck Chadwick

“Hi David, First off, congratulations on the most amazing auction I can remember! Us ring collectors were stunned at the prices realized on Dr. J’s trophies and rings. All star rings in baseball and basketball have traditionally gone for 1,000-2,000 and these went for astonishing figures. I was very happy with my consignment and also what I was able to acquire in the auction. It was a great experience as a buyer. All 3 trophies arrived in great shape and so quickly!”

– Michael B

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