“Having inherited a box a baseball cards 30 years ago I realized it was now time to sell the cards to real collectors who would appreciate them. I called Sotheby’s in New York knowing their history of past sports memorabilia auctions. No longer dealing with sports, they highly recommended SCP Auctions who had helped them in the past. They gave me Clay Hill’s name and number as the director of acquisitions. With my first call Clay answered all of my questions – big and small – and gave me the confidence that my cards would be in good hands. He walked me step through step on how to organize and send my cards and he even called to let me know they had arrived safely at his office in California. SCP does all the work in compiling a catalogue for their sales and running an on-line auction. The seller just sits back and watches the bids on his cards. Then the check arrives and the process could not have been easier!

I will recommend SCP and its entire staff to anyone. They have the knowledge, the helpfulness, and the expertise to appreciate sport’s history and to run a great auction – for the buyers and the sellers. It’s been a pleasure.”

Pat Reid - N. Carolina